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Next you are going to assemble the back half of the spool. The Module 2 bag includes three flat head screws (11), the check disk (10), the back spool plate (8) and the Delrin™ spool hub (9).

PREP NOTE: Both sides of the back spool plate are visible so sand and polish the smooth side. Choose which face you want showing through the back frame plate when you install it.

IMPORTANT: The longer protrusion on one end of the spool hub is marked white. The back spool plate and check disk fit on this white marked end. If you assemble the spool with the spool hub backwards, your reel will not function properly.

Place the back spool plate over the longer protrusion with the textured or smooth side you want visible through the back frame plate facing out.

Place the check disk over the back spool plate with the countersunk holes facing outwards as shown in the photo. Attach it with the three flat head screws.

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