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NOTE: The frame spacer (2) (black in the photo) is embossed on one side with an “L” for left hand retrieve and an “R” on the other side for right hand retrieve.

For a right hand retrieve reel, position the frame spacer with the “R” facing the back frame plate, the "L" should be visible as shown in the photo. For a left hand retrieve, flip it over so the "L" faces the back frame plate.

Choose whether you'd prefer the smooth or textured side of the frame ring showing and place it on top of the frame spacer. Make sure to align the holes as shown.

PREP NOTE: If you prefer to have the smooth side showing, sand with 600 grit sandpaper and polish it before continuing.

Insert the three 4-40 binding head screws (5) and finger-tighten the pillars (4) to them as shown in the photo. The two closely spaced holes should be open, they are for the foot attachment.

NOTE: The back frame plate, frame spacer and frame ring form a sandwich and the screws pass through from the back frame plate side.

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