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Round over the edges of the back frame plate (1), front (19) and back spool plates (8) by sanding the sharp edges with the course 320 grit sandpaper. Round over both the outside and inside edges of the frame rings (3) and (15).

IMPORTANT: Make sure to sand off ALL machining marks from the edges of the frame and spool parts - especially the inside edge of the frame rings.

IMPORTANT: You might feel 2 or 3 little nubs on the inside of the rings from the laser cutter. Sand them off or your reel will squeak or bind. The nubs could be located anywhere on the inside of the two rings.

It's best to round over and finish parts as you need them to assemble each Module. That way you won't loose or misplace parts.

Once the edges are rounded over with the course (320 grit) sandpaper, finish with a quick pass using the fine (600 grit) sandpaper.

Please read the additional PREP NOTES in the following steps for tips on preparing the parts.

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